Looking for shoes not made in China?

Have you shopped for shoes lately?  Check the label, and you’ll find it’s almost impossible to find footwear not made in China.  The only other countries of origin are likely to be Vietnam or Thailand.  While it’s getting harder, you can still buy shoes made in the USA or Europe.   If you want quality shoes or boots, and care about their origin, then shop here. 

We’ve done the hard work to put together this list so you don’t have to.  Shop for these shoes made in America and shoes made in Europe:

It’s difficult to buy American made Shoes, European made shoes, or any shoes not made in China. I was only able to find a handfull of shoes in Atlanta (where I live) not made in China. And when I went to buy more, I found that the very same shoes that used to be made in Europe are now made in China! I’m sorry, but I have a hard time paying the same price for (now) Chinese made shoes. As long as were going the Chinese route, I may as well buy a $10 par at Walmart.
If you’re like me, I’d rather buy a more expensive, quality pair of shoes from the US or Europe once every 7 years than a cheap pair every year.

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